The hinged spigots combine with scaffolding beams to offer a wide range of muti angle profiles as well as bespoke profiles to suit any desired shape or application in both the horizontal and vertical planes. Essentially the articulated spigots offer unrivaled flexibility via a pivoting joint spigot.

Features and Benefits
  • Fit any irregular shapes to customise bespoke projects such as tanks, bridges, suspended scaffold cradles
  • Adjustable to fit 780 and 450 beams
  • The 780 articulated spigots offer 7 pre-determined angles; 5, 9, 13,17, 21, 25 degrees
  • The 450 articulated spigots offer 4 pre-determined angles; 5,12,19,25 degrees
  • The articulated spigot can also function as a horizontal hinge joint providing multiple angle possibilities ranging 90 degrees in both directions
  • Maximise utilization and versatility of beams to suit limitless options on projects.

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