Clear Span is the leader in temporary roofing solutions in North America. The system is fully weather protective and can be customized on any project during construction, maintenance and restoration. The prefabricated roofing system is quick to erect and can be easily fitted to all types of scaffold. The system consists of a lightweight robust frame of aluminum beams and snap on braces and covered with reinforced Keder sheeting that is made of high tensile polyester material, flame retardant, fully weatherproof and the lightest solution on the market. The majority of the roofing system components can be interchanged and used on the Clear Span Suspended Deck System.

Features and Benefits:
  • Fits to any design of beam, steel or aluminium
  • All parts click together without bolts, eliminating the need for loose components
  • Quick, light weight system for easy assembly and dis-assembly
  • Compatible with all roof types
  • Large spans fully engineered potentially up to 300 ft
  • Lightweight aluminium components can be erected without the need for a crane
  • Roof sheeting is carried out from beneath the roof to reduce work at height, working from the safety of an eaves scaffold and pulled into position with ropes
  • Protects building fabric and contents from exposure to the elements during external building work and can contain dust and debris during indoor work.
  • Interchangeable components between the Clear Span Roof System and Clearspan Suspended Deck System.

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