HD Beams are the industry leader in high strength and high quality, providing an alternative to conventional methods. Specially designed for high capacity loads and lightness, HD Beams are the safe, labour saving alternative. The HD Beams are multi-functional and suitable for all applications such as large span temporary roofs and suspended scaffold. They possess an unmatched weight to strength ratio thanks to their unique frame design. The X-Beam’s quick fit connecting system using spring clips and spigots also means easy assembly. They are 20-30% stronger than standard unit beams. The beam is available in various lengths. The beam is available in a 750mm and 1500mm depth in various lengths. The 1500mm wide X-Beam is the widest scaffolding beam system on the market and can span distances up to 100m.

Features and Benefits
  • Less beams required per job
  • Larger spans to unprecedented lengths
  • Multiple uses for beams on a variety of jobs such as large temporary roofs, bridges, suspended scaffold
  • Reduced labour and installation time.

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