The SpanSet WalkAbout - Access System, is a tensioned decking designed to enable workers to access awkward or remote areas at height and work with the ease normally associated with ground level tasks.

It comprises a durable mesh membrane supported by a tensioned webbing matrix. Tensioning is easily set to pre-determined levels using the patented “TFI” a unique device that is integral to the ratchet assembly. Anchorage of the system can be achieved in a variety of ways including bolts, beam clamps and slings depending upon the type of structure or vulnerability of protective coatings.

It offers a collective work at height solution' only surpassed in terms of safety by avoidance and once in place it will provide workers with a similar working environment to that if they were working at ground level with no fall hazards.

Features and Benefits:
  • Can be built quicker and safely in the air or on the ground and then hoisted into position
  • Time saving due to quicker erection and dismantle
  • Cost saving due to less labour required to install/dismantle, lower transportation costs and reduced material costs
  • Greater access due to less attachments, less touch up points and uncluttered work area
  • The components are versatile and can be utilized in a variety of construction projects
  • Up to 8 personnel working on it at any one time
  • Allows light through which benefits contractors working beneath it
  • No need for exclusion zone beneath it
  • No material/tools can drop through it