Bloedel Conservatory


Due to the poor condition of the roof being damaged and leaking it was a highly time sensitive project that needed to be completed before the spring of 2014. The Dome was to remain open throughout the project duration. Inside the Dome the wildlife needed to remain in its shelter throughout the project duration. The adverse winter weather conditions of heavy rainfall, severe winds and snowfall were external factors that needed to be accounted for.


Two heavy duty beams were constructed spanning 180ft in length, the beams were placed on 4 towers to support the main structure of the roof. A prefabricated roofing system known as Clear Span was used to form the roofing components and it was covered with a mix of weather protective clear sheeting and Keder.


The roof was completed in 6 weeks and was the largest free spanning roof in North America at 180ft.

cityLogo“The innovative solution to the project ticked all the boxes for us in terms of allowing the restoration works to be completed throughout the winter period and within schedule. It was completed safely, on time and within budget.”

John Ross
City of Vancouver Project Manager