Vancouver Airport


There was stringent safety restrictions implemented by the airport authority due to the fact that the site was situated in a working airport with aircraft in situ to the construction project. The open nature of the project resulted in severe high winds, making working conditions difficult to work. The tight timelines afforded on the project resulted in scaffolding being on the critical path so there was no margin for error in the erection of the project.


To ensure the project ran on time a modular temporary roof was constructed. There was 3 fully crane able 50ft roof sections used on the project to protect it. A modular roof was chosen due to the speed and ease to erect and built on the ground. The roof was built on the ground and craned in position. A portion of the roof was mobilized using a track and rail system which ensured the roof could be opened and closed to allow material to be craned into the building.


ledcor“For the YVR A-B Connector project to run on schedule throughout the winter Months we used the Clear Span Temporary Roofing System to cover large areas of the roof to allow for waterproofing to be carried out in all weather conditions.

The Temporary roof’s were cycled around the project in order to stay ahead of the trades fitting out in the 3 floors below. Without this system it would not have been possible to keep to the construction schedule. We will definitely go this route again on a similar project.”

Scott Wardle