Capilano University Film Centre Project


The sheer size of the roof length was a challenge to plan and ensure it could be completed effectively and in a speedy manner.

In addition the elevated site allowed for the site being afforded by adverse weather conditions exposing the project to high moisture content, heavy rainfall and strong winds.


To ensure the roof was completed quickly the 450 system beam was used, the snap fittings allowed for ease in install.


ledcor“On a project where schedule could not be compromised, the enveloping of our structure allowed for the building to be built from the inside out, and allowed for scopes typically governed by weather to proceed. This contributed to the recovery of several months in delay which otherwise would not have been avoided. The roofing product surpassed my expectations and consistently delivered quality workmanship while maintaining and complying with all safe work requirements on site. “
Tom Andrews, Superintendent, Ledcor Construction Limited